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How Many Calories are in a Watermelon?

How Many Calories are in a Watermelon?

AdminFeb 25, 2023

It’s no secret that watermelons are one of the most refreshing fruits out there. Not only are they delicious, but…

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what are the neutropenic precautions

How Should Neutropenic Precautions Be Followed?

What are the neutropenic precautions? In medical term, Various infections and diseases are shielded from the human body by its immune system. This defense, however, may be compromised by certain medical conditions or treatments. Individuals with neutropenia, characterized by an…

How Many Calories Are in One Banana

Unveiling the Nutritional Treasure Trove: How Many Calories Are in One Banana?

Bananas, the curving, sun-colored fruits have always been a top choice for snackers and health lovers alike. They’re not only delicious and convenient, they also have a significant nutritional value. One of the most important factors that is often overlooked…


canal treatment

What is endodontics or root canal treatment?

AdminApr 29, 20237 min read

Root canal treatment, also called endodontics, is performed when very deep decay infects the blood vessels and nerves of a tooth. To carry out this treatment, root canals are accessed with the aim of extracting the nerves damaged by caries and cleaning…

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