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Why Personal Hygiene is Important?

For many first-time nurses, managing Personal hygiene can seem overwhelming. In this blog, I will explain exactly what personal care as a care assistant is and explain some of the reasons why people need personal care help.

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What is personal hygiene?

Personal care depends on the needs of the person receiving care. When we first receive new care packages and clients, we work with them and others involved in their care, such as social workers, general practitioners, and families to create a personalized list of their needs and caregiver responsibilities. Create a personalized care plan.

Personal Hygiene includes:

  • Help with getting up and going to bed
  • Face washing, oral care, bathing, dressing assistance
  • Hair care and shaving
  • Skin care and toenail/fingernail care
  • Assistance with going to the toilet and changing incontinence aids
  • Help with household chores such as washing dishes, cleaning, and laundry
  • Preparing meals and helping with meals as needed
  • Medication instructions and administration

Why Do People Need Personal Hygiene?

There are many reasons why people need or want personal care. Some people need assistance because they have mobility problems. This can make it difficult for them to stand up on their own, or they may need help to bath or shower. Some people visit home care because they need help remembering certain tasks, such as being diagnosed with dementia or having to take many medications on a regular basis. Some need short visits several times a week, while others need around-the-clock care. A care plan describes your exact needs and a personalized checklist of things to do during a care visit. Care plans are reviewed regularly, both at set times and as needs change. For example, when a client is injured, undergoes surgery, or is hospitalized.


Care is provided by a friend or relative or a paid caregiver. They may also be called nursing assistants, assistants, or personal assistants, depending on location and employer. As a care worker, you will receive training on a regular basis, so you will be able to provide better care. This training may include sessions on movement and handling, safety, first aid, and specialty courses on conditions such as dementia and epilepsy. You can also work towards other qualifications such as Diploma and her NVQ.

Why is personal tutoring important?

Personal care helps maintain personal dignity, health and well-being. Good hygiene and personal hygiene can reduce the risk of infection and illness and prevent the deterioration of existing conditions. I suffer from skin conditions.

In Bachelor of Nursing, you will learn about general health and wellbeing, medicine, behavioural science, mental illness, ethics, and professional practices. As a nursing assistant, it is especially important to be sensitive and considerate in all aspects of your job. Many service users can be very embarrassed or annoyed when personal attention is required. Personal preferences are recorded in user notes on the service. How she wants her hair to look, how she wants to wear it, and how she wants her makeup to be is a very personal choice, and as her grooming assistant she always respects these wishes should strive to.

How to provide good Personal care

There are a few things you can do as a Care Assistant to provide a good level of personal care:

  • Talk through what care is being provided, ensuring your client knows what you are doing and why
  • Listen to someone’s wishes throughout 
  • Prepare and arrange tasks in a similar order to provide routine, familiarity and comfort
  • Create a happy, safe environment when dealing with personal tasks
  • Maintain levels of independence where possible – don’t just do everything for someone just because it seems easier or quicker
  • Check that your client has everything they need and encourage them to buy toiletries/sanitary items if they are running out

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