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How to Stop Dental Pain Fast?

Getting pain relief is crucial especially when it’s your toothache. Pain in teeth may be constant or dull but can be sharp which can cause discomfort. Such pain can interfere with your daily life activities. It can also interrupt your sleep and keep you awake the whole night.

But people want quick relief from tooth pain. You should start taking care of your teeth today with a proper oral health routine. The best dental doctor says that if you have pain, you should see a professional but if you cannot go for a reason, make sure that you follow some of the tips that can help in relieving tooth pain.

Let’s explore more about the ways to reduce the pain.

Effective Ways for Teeth Pain Relief

Tooth pain may be caused by different reasons, such as tooth decay, gum swelling, removal of a tooth, root canal procedure, etc. Well, all you need is to learn how to deal with such pain. But do you know how these tips will work?

Some of the natural ingredients help to reduce the inflammation in the mouth and kill all the bacteria. You can prevent toothache using toothpaste containing fluoride.

But these tips are not for everyone, such as pregnant women or some people with some underlying conditions may experience side effects. If you have such a condition, ask your health expert before following any of the shared tips.

Gargle with Salt Water

If we talk about the traditional tips for oral health, salt water is one of them. Yes, it is effective and can be very beneficial when it comes to disinfecting. Yes, the use of salt water helps to reduce the risk of salt water. All you need is to add the salt into the water and gargle such a solution can work as rinsing the teeth and gums. It will help to prevent infections. You should gargle with this solution more than twice a day as it will reduce the pain and infection risk as well.

Try Tea Bags

Tea bags are important things that every person uses on a regular basis. You should try tea bags as they have anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to prevent bacteria exposure. You can use both warm and cold ones. If you have been using a tea bag by making tea, make sure that you cool it down before applying it to the tooth. Once it’s ready after freezing, apply it to the gum and leave it for a few seconds. You should repeat the process which can help in reducing the risk of bacteria exposure. Tea bags have antibacterial properties that work in the best way.

Use Clove

You can treat the toothache with some natural herbs and spices. Yes, here we are talking about spice and clove. Using clove which is a spice also helps in treating the teeth pain. Do you know why you should need a clove? Well, it has many beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory. Yes, it can be used in many ways, such as clove oil on a cotton ball. All you need is to apply it to the gum and teeth where you are having the pain. People who do not like the clove oil applied directly to the gum can use the dilute solution too.

You can gargle with one drop of clove oil with a water mixed solution that can help to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. It is a mouthwash-like solution that can treat pain and reduce inflammation.

Get Benefits from Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass also works as a disinfectant which is helpful in treating toothache. If you have an infection that is causing pain, you may try wheatgrass as it will help to treat the infections. It will also help in relieving the pain in teeth. You can also try some of its juices that can help rinse your mouth and reduce the risk of infections and pain.

Apply Vanilla Extract

You may have this ingredient in your kitchen for baking or making dishes but you can use this for treating pain in your teeth. You can add the drops on a cotton ball and apply the affected area where you are feeling the pain. Vanilla extract also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and relieve the pain in the tooth. You can also put a small amount of its drop on your finger and apply it directly to the teeth or gums which can help a lot.

Final Thought

Teeth pain causes serious discomfort which can also interrupt your daily life routine. You should be careful when you choose any home remedy. The other way is to use OTC medications to relieve the pain but you should ask the doctor if you have any health condition.

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