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How to Grow Your Brand With Ideal Granola Packaging

More creative brands focusing on good health are constantly entering the vast snack food market. The highly competitive nature of the snack food business necessitates that companies remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds by adapting to their requirements and tastes.

It is important to note that your packaging plays a critical role not only in attracting new customers but also keeping them coming back for more. This strategy can work regardless of whether you just entered the market or are a well-known and established brand.

Packaging Trends in the Snack Food Industry

The snack industry is growing at a high rate in the US. The busy, mobile lifestyles of most customers are what has led more Americans to snack more than ever.

Many people value convenience and simplicity. Your objective as a snack food company is to reach consumers wherever they are—other than at the kitchen table.

Busy people will always substitute snacks for meals since they can nibble on them without having to sit at a table. Offering them healthy snacks is an appealing move. Additionally, resealable and single-serving packaging and different flavors are also top trends.

Granola satisfies all these trends. Let’s see how you can stand out with your packaging.

1. The stand-up pouch

The stand-up pouch, widely regarded as the most popular granola packaging, is a must-have for granola. Just as its name suggests, this pouch displays your branding on its front as it stands on the shelf.

Additionally, they include resealability, designs with a strong visual impact, and the popular lightweight, portable form. The design makes it simple to scoop, pour, and keep at home or in a bag.

2. Clear window

By letting customers view the goods before they buy, a window can help increase customer sales and trust in your brand. Granola comes in various shapes and sizes, such as enormous chunks vs. loose cereal. A transparent window will link your buyer with your goods before they buy, which is a critical technique to draw in new clients.

3. Seasonal flavors

As the holidays draw closer, shelves are crowded with seasonal goods and flavors. It is a chance to stand out and draw in a new customer base.

You can flaunt your seasonal flavors using digitally printed pouches. This provides you the opportunity to try out fresh, seasonal flavors without worrying about out-of-date products or wasted stock. Use protective barrier film especially if your granola has nuts, which can go rancid quickly without the proper nuts packaging material.

4. Multiple SKUs

Granola is available in many flavors. This fact means more SKUs, which translates to more shelf space and, consequently, more visibility. Additionally, having additional taste selections can help you appeal to more palates and draw in more clients.

5. Shelf presence

It goes without saying that standing out in the crowded market for cereal and granola is essential.

Stand-up pouches provide a big design canvas where you can display images and express your brand narrative. Digital printing enables clear and sharp images on a sturdy bag, which gives your brand a powerful shelf presence.

6. Resealability

This necessity offers two significant advantages. Customers may take the granola on the move for snacks throughout the day because of its resealability, and the food will remain fresher for a longer time since the packaging will stay sealed when not in use.

To make it easier for your customer to open the packaging and enjoy your goods, make it more functional. Request your flexible packaging provider for press-to-close zippers and rip notches. 

Time to Make the Big Leap

By working with a professional granola packaging provider, you will experience the portability and adaptability of stand-up pouches and digitally printed graphics. By keeping in mind these six requirements, you can design granola packaging that sticks out on the shelf and draws in new consumers.

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